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Late in the evening of June 1, 1994, Clay was riding his
motorcycle down a desolate mountain road in Eastern,
Utah when two stray horses appeared on the road; one
hitting Clay.

Fighting for his life, Clay was life-flighted to the University
of Utah medical center. With a C6 fracture in his spine,
Clay was paralyzed from the chest down, with limited use
of his hands and was now permanently confined to a

In February of 2003 Clay started competing
professionally in the extreme sports of rock crawling and
rock racing. He is the first and only quadriplegic in the
world to compete professionally in these sports. Clay
has gone on to compete in four Supercrawl World
Championships and has consistently finished in the top
ten in the nation.

Through his dynamic results, Clay has become a fan and
media favorite. He has been interviewed on many of the
top TV networks, radio stations and magazines around
the country. Some of those include, MTV, ESPN 2, The
Speed Channel, The Mens Channel, Discovery, FOX,
DirtSports magazine, Crawl magazine, 4 Wheel Drive &
Sport Utility magazine and many more. Clay is one of the
most recognized and well known professional rock
crawlers in the world. Thus The
ROCKSTAR was born.

Clay regularly speaks to different groups around the
world. To hear Clay's motivating and inspirational story,
book Clay to speak at your next event.
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"I've never met anyone that
better defines the term
doesn't know how to fail. He's
arguably the best kept secret
in the world of off road motor
sports, but secrets don't last
forever . . . "

-Mark Patey,
President Of UROC
United Rockcrawling &

"After three days of hunting
ducks and geese with Clay in
Saskatchewan, Canada, I
learned what the word "rugged"
is really all about. I
challenge any hunter, with or
without a wheelchair, to even
try and keep up with that guy!
And he's a pretty good shot

-RD Carson
Host, "Officially Rugged
With RD" TV Show
Book TheROCKSTAR to speak at your
next event!

because life's too short not to...
His "Spirit" and "Passion" is
an example of how to live
while climbing the mountain
of life. Our prize is Clay...
His prize is the Climb!!

John Gunnar Box
Colours 'N Motion Inc.

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"Clay Egan is one of the
best rockcrawlers in the
world and the fact that he
competes using just the
limited movement he has
with his arms and hands
makes him even that more
amazing. His story, his
passion, and optimism
continue to inspire me and
all those who have the
privilege of knowing him."

-Andrew Nicholson
Producer, UROC TV series
for ESPN 2
Clay Egan's New TV Show!
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"The beautiful and powerful
delivery of Clay’s life journey
is an invaluable experience
for any group.”

-Rebecca Garfield
Gateway Academy
2 Athletes 2 Different Words,
Trading Pain For Fame!
"Your presentation about
your life, injury and rebirth,
was inspirational and
refreshing for all our
members. Your story had
guts, grit and an element of
humor that made it
enjoyabe to hear and easy
to draw lifes lessons from.
Not to mention your
rockcrawling video's were
jaw dropping!"

-Kate Bradshaw
Vice President, Utah
Food Industry Association
"You really know how to
work a room! You had us
laughing, crying and looking
for ways to push our own

-BobbiJo Kanter
Special Olympics, Utah
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