After struggling with drug addiction for many years, at the age of 21, Clay hit the bottom and tried to end his life. After leaving the hospital, Clay made the choice to get some professional help and entered rehab.  Just after a year of being clean and sober, Clay late one night on a Utah, mountain road, had his motorcycle accident that left him a quadriplegic and permanently confined to a wheelchair. Through his rehabilitation and entry back into the world, Clay learned fast, that we all have a choice. A choice to either let our challenges beat us or we can choose to rise above and overcome them by making the positive choice. But it is a CHOICE and it is our choice.


Over the years Clay has traveled the world sharing his personal journey and message of hope and has spent literally hundreds of hours with dozens of individuals mentoring them one on one and helping them into recovery and inspiring them through their rehabilitation. After taking a peer mentoring course through the University of Utah and applying his own life experiences, Clay has become an inspiring mentor for families who need assisting loved ones into living a happier and healthier lifestyle.


Clay is willing to visit with a client over the phone, via Skype and in some cases with special arrangements even fly out and meet with the individual for a personal one on one visit. Clay will tell you straight up that God allowed him to have the challenges he had in life and then blessed him with the strength to overcome those challenges to help others. Although Clay is not an expert nor has a degree in any of the fields he does have plenty of personal experience and references from families and individuals that he has helped over the years.


If you have a loved one or a friend that is struggling with a new injury or substance abuse, Clay’s unique ability to relate with the individual has proven invaluable to all. Clay’s experiences mostly relate to spinal cord injuries, controlled substance & alcohol addiction in adults and troubled youth. His mission is to help anyone and everyone who needs a positive boost in life.


Feel free to contact Clay personally for a free consultation.


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