"I've never met anyone that better defines the term NEVER QUIT. Clay Egan doesn't know how to fail. He's 
arguably the best kept secret in the world of off road motor sports, but secrets don't last forever . . . "

-Mark Patey, 
President Of UROC
United Rockcrawling & Off-Road Challenge


"After three days of hunting ducks and geese with Clay in 
Saskatchewan, Canada, I learned what the word "rugged" is really all about. I challenge any hunter, with or 
without a wheelchair, to even try and keep up with that guy! And he's a pretty good shot too!"

-RD Carson
Host, "Officially Rugged 
With RD" TV Show


"Clay Egan is one of the best rockcrawlers in the world and the fact that he competes using just the limited movement he has with his arms and hands makes him even that more amazing. His story, his passion, and optimism continue to inspire me and all those who have the privilege of knowing him."

-Andrew Nicholson
Producer, UROC TV series for ESPN 2


It's no surprise to us that Clay inspires anyone who meets him. We're very proud of our association with Clay, 
but more than that, he was a good business decision.


-Phil Worth
Director of Marketing


"His Spirit and Passion is an example of how to live while climbing the mountain of life. Our prize is Clay... 
His prize is the Climb!!"

-John Gunnar Box
Colours 'N Motion Inc.


"The beautiful and powerful delivery of Clay’s life journey is an invaluable experience for any group.”

-Rebecca Garfield
Gateway Academy


"The presentation you gave to our students and their families for Parent Weekend was unreal! Your positive 
message was so captivating. I know it truly changed the lives of our boys. We honestly can't wait until we can get you back down here again!!! You are a ROCKSTAR!!!!"

-Natalie Stefanoff
White River Academy


"Your message was motivating, inspiring and exactly what we needed. AWESOME presentation!"

-Paul Roberts
Salt lake Community College


"Your story is Awesome! Great job. It's just what these kids needed. I have never seen my students so quiet. Thank you!"

-Mechelle Leifson 
P.A.N.I.C. (Parents Against Narcotics In The Community)


"Clay is the kind of role model educators wish there were more of in our society today." 

-Wendy Cavan
Eagle Rock Jr. High, Idaho Falls, ID


"With his down to earth nature and clever humor Clay Egan was able to reach the audience in ways that others couldn't. The entire audience was captivated with his story and left feeling uplifted and inspired. They absolutely loved Clay, he is an incredible speaker."

-Sheri Green
Dean of Education
Eagle Gate College, Salt Lake Cit, UT


"You really know how to work a room! You had us laughing, crying and looking for ways to push our own limits.”

-BobbiJo Kanter
Special Olympics, Utah



“ Clay’s message to our group of 150 Independent Business Owners was “ROCK” solid; he encouraged them to set goals in life and business and that if you do, you will achieve them.” 
-John Kreidel
CEO Tire Factory

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